Vincent Gerbet is a photographer based in Paris and work focuses on social and politics domains.

At the age of 17, Vincent Gerbet remembers his first Parisian strolls when he discovered photographers like Eugène Atget or Willy Ronis. Photography fascinated him by its simple function of witnessing and fixing time. He acquired his first reflex camera, in the days of film, while he was studying history studies. Then he started to dream of reportages. At the end of his degree, he decided to knock on the doors of Parisian editorial offices. Despite some encouragement, the economic realities dissuaded him from continuing. He then worked as a technical editor at Play Bac Presse, a children's press publisher. With his second hat as a photographer, he had the chance to accompany the journalists of the editorial offices of Mon Quotidien and L'actu. This was enough to quench his thirst for sensations by seeing his work published. Until the arrival of digital technology, where from then on the editors took the pictures.  After 17 years, boredom and the desire to change convinced him to return to photography full time. He then took a photojournalism course in 2016 at EMI-CFD, the school for information professions, in Paris 20th. 

Today, freelance photojournalist in photo and video, he works in "news" for the press and makes long term reports. With a documentary approach and his attraction for social photography, he focuses his work on human beings, in all their diversity.

For more information on Vincent's work, to get in touch regarding employment opportunities, or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch.

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